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Kelly Khumalo Opens Up About Her Love Life

Kelly Khumalo on her ideal man

Kelly Khumalo Opens Up About Her Love Life. Afro Pop songstress Kelly Khumalo made headlines a while back that stated that she was involved in a romantic relationship with a man that was planning on getting married to her, those news were proven to be false when she came forward to rule them out as fabricated lies that she was planning to take legal actions for. Now the star has opened up about her love life.

Speaking to Thami Dish in a recent interview on TouchHD, Kelly opened up about how growth has made her to be cautious of who she chooses to be.

“I’ve always gone into relationships because someone has asked me out, it has never been about, so I wanna be with this person, do I want to date this person, do I want a relationship with this person? Do I even like this person enough to be in a relationship with them…so it has always been about the other party as opposed to me…”

The star went on to speak of how she is willing to change to make the next relationship she engages herself in work.

“I’ve learnt quite a lot as far as that’s concerned, it’s not about who wants me, it’s about who I want, which has changed the whole love, relationship and dating game, I will not let you into my space unless I want to, I will not keep you unless I see something worth keeping…I’m not looking for a young boy, I’m looking for a man , who will be able to stand up to this woman that I’ve become…a woman who knows what she wants and what she represents, and for you to be part of this, you need to know what you want and what you represent as an individual,”

Kelly also spoke of how she is willing to be with someone who has a good spirit.

“I’m at the point where I can’t just walk into a relationship, I need to be very much aware of who I am, and who I am with, before I can decide who I am with…spirituality matters, and also, I need to meet your parents, I need to know who they are, I need to know what their beliefs are, cause I could be dragging some heavy spirits into my home and into my life…”

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