Lebo M On Why He Has Been Divorced 3 Times

Lebo M On Why He Has Been Divorced 3 Times. Music composer and producer Lebo M has been romantically linked to a number of beautiful women in the past with some he managed to tie the knot with but divorced due to reasons unknown by the public. When SowetanLIVE asked him on his love-life, the producer said that he is just an incurable loving romantic that is addicted to love.

Lebo is currently another woman who goes by the name Mel Ntsala. The couple have been posting details of their relationship on Instagram, with pictures of the two taken at exotic locations all over the world where Lebo M has been on tour with TheLion King production.

“I don’t understand the preoccupation people have with my private life. I am not the first guy to get divorced three times,” he said.

He lambasted the media for their heightened interest in his bedroom antics and not enough interest about his productions.

Lebo M was previously married to Vivica Gibson for five years, Nandi Ndlovu for 11 years and Angela Ngani-Casara for four years.

In 2017 he divorced Angela for a second time, mere months after remarrying her. Lebo M also dated Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane, with whom he has a daughter.

Source : SowetanLIVE

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