Lvovo Derango’s Funny Move On Thickleeyonce

Lvovo still feel people should leave his body size alone

Lvovo Derango’s Funny Move On Thickleeyonce. Kwaito star Lvovo Derango who has been shamed for is body size for so long has once again fallen victim to the hate except this time around they just thought to make something best of his body size through a matched-up date.

Twitter users decided to hook Lvovo up with socialite and Blogger Thickleeyonce even calling them Thickleevovo, this matching up was due to the size of their bodies and that’s when Lvovo decided to make a few points clear.

The Kwaito star carried on to feed into the curiosity of twitters by acting on their ‘silly request’ and sent a greeting to Thicklee also a goodnight text with hearts referring to her as ‘my size’ which she responded to with a Lol.

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