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Mobi Dixon On Why He Cancelled A Show He Was Set To Perform At

Mobi Dixon express his rage.

Mobi Dixon On Why He Cancelled A Show He Was Set To Perform At. House music DJ Mobi Dixon has taken it upon himself to address the issue that concern the cancellation of the show he and other artists were set to perform at over the weekend.


The show was set to take place in Kimberly but couldn’t be a success due to the vandalism done by fans and the promoters that failed to pay to have the artists perform.


Taking to Twitter to express his rage and dissapointment Mobi Dixon went on to speak his mind and was sure to Clapback at every fan that came at him with what he considered as an insult to his failure to play at the event.


He explained that he and the other artists were in Kimberley as scheduled but they just couldn’t perform as they had not been paid their balance by the event promoters.

Speaking to The Juice, one of the organizers Graham Abrahams, Director of MIDSA cited administrative issues as the problem. It began when they lost their initial venue and introduced a middleman to fix the problem. They then struggled to get the specific paperwork back to their investor on time so they could not access the funds needed to pay the artists their balance.

“We lost around R1.3 or R4 million,”explained Graham, estimated based on damages as well as tickets that would have to be refunded.


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