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Riky Rick On Supporting Males That Get Their Nails Done

Riky Rick attacks the stigma of men who take good care of their bodies

Riky Rick On Supporting Males That Get Their Nails Done. He may have announced his retirement in music but that doesn’t mean he is vanishing from the eyes of the public, his appearance will still puzzle many not through his peculiar sense of fashion style but his dazzling manly looks he intends to take care of despite the society’s outlook on men who take good care of their bodies.

Speaking to SundayWorld, here’s what the Cotton King had to say aboutthe stigma of men who look after their bodies in SA.

Do you think that there is still a stigma in South Africa about men taking their grooming seriously; would you say it’s important that a male grooming culture is encouraged in society?

The stigma is slowly diminishing; men are now open to grooming. A lot of young men are aspirational and they want to look and feel good, be presentable.

Men take it upon themselves to visit nail bars, shave frequently and invest in good skincare products. We must encourage young men to take grooming seriously; cleanliness is a confidence boost so that they will start believing in themselves more and want more for themselves because they feel good.

When did you start being pro-grooming?

I have always loved the skin I am in and that meant looking after myself well from my early years. I have always thought of it as normal, from growing up using Petroleum Jelly as kids to adolescence.

As a Vaseline MEN ambassador, which product can you not do without?

It has to be the Vaseline Men SPF15 Face Moisturiser, it contains sunscreen and maintains an even skin tone.

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