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Zonke on New Album, Loss & Grooming Young Artists

Zonke opens up.

Zonke on New Album, Loss & Grooming Young Artists. After years of being silent in music Zonke drops an album she titled L.O.V.E which she stated is about healing and dealing with feelings following the loss of the people close to her heart included her sister Lulu.

She explained that she has lost many relatives, including another sister, when they were younger. But the loss of Lulu was by far the worst heartbreak.

“The sadness of losing a sister was dragging me down, this is why I wrote sad songs on my previous album, but this one tells everyone that they should love and be happy.

“It has been over three years [since Lulu passed way] and I cannot be the same person three years later.”

L.O.V.E opens with Dikana’s hit song Feelings. She says she had to also include the song in her latest album because it “means a lot” to her.

“I hardly ever listen to my own songs because I criticise them too much.

“But this time, I had to include Feelings in the album … it stands out as my favourite song because it talks about letting go of the baggage.”

Dikana also professes that the album, which features rapper Kwesta, is a true reflection of herself. It took three years to complete.

Zonke is more than a singer, songwriter and activist, she is also a businesswoman. She founded Leely Music record company, which looks at finding talent in young musicians.

Source : SowetanLIVE

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