Arthur Mafokate Confronts Cici Publicly

Arthur writes to Cici

Arthur Mafokate Confronts Cici Publicly. Most would agree that it has indeed been a tough week for Arthur who has been making headlines for all the reasons surrounding abuse allegation from his ex-lover Cici.


Firstly, Mafokate was given the boot from participating in a 100 Men March that aims to stop violence or any form of abuse against women done by men. He wanted to be part of it but the Government said it can do without him.


Secondly, SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) fired him as the board member due to the ongoing case invloving him and Cici. The two exes haven’t been in contact unless they had to attend court. However, Cici had been posting a number of posts on social media direcred to Mafokate who has since kept mum until now.

In a recent post following an interview on Power FM, Mafokate said :

“dear CiCi as I said this morning on Power FM, I have deliberately not commented on all your social media posts, not just for my own sake, but also for your dignity. I will keep doing exactly that until the court processes have been finalized.”

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