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Cassper Nyovest Explains Why He Brags So Much

Cassper burns up yet another troll.

Cassper Nyovest Explains Why He Brags So Much. Lately Cassper has been giving some twitter users a bitter taste of their medicines through some savage stinging clapbacks that were enough to put them to sleep. This time around a fan explained how Cassper used to be his role model because he (user) thought unlike most celebrities he didn’t brag about all the money, cars and bling he has.

“I’m disappointed in Cassper. I thought he’s different from all these artists who brag about material stuff. I thought he’d bring change to young entrepreneurs or artists out there. You used to be my inspiration. I guess it’s just a another failure from those we call role models,” said the tweep.

Cassper was obviously moved by the tweet because he wasted no time and clapped back.

“Find another role model my dude. I am going to flex for as long as I work hard. It happens naturally. It’s like those guys who gym. They put in the work in the gym, then they were tight clothes or thong vests so they can show their bodies. I’m just like them flexing!!!” responded Nyovest.

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