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DJ Zinhle & Nokubonga Give Out Details About New Book Too Interesting To Miss Out On

Meeting Your Power – Returning Home To Yourself Book available on digital & physical stores

DJ Zinhle & Nokubonga Give Out Details About New Book Too Interesting To Miss Out On. Life coach Nokubonga Mbanga and Businesswoman DJ Zinhle have co-written and released a new book of inspiration & self-love titled Meeting Your Power: Returning Home To Yourself.


The two met when they had to work together on SABC 1’s reality show, It Takes A Village, where they helped women Zinhle’s hometown, Dannhauser, to speak of their hurtful ordeals in life and finding redemption.


Speaking to Independent Newspaper The two explained what the book is about amd touched on some more details. The book MeetingYour Power is dedicated to the daughters of both the authors, their mothers and to the daughters of the world.

“We are women – our experiences are from a woman’s perspective,” Zinhle says.

Meeting Your Power: Returning Home To Yourself is unpacked through chapters on the comparison trap, the faces of inspiration, gratitude and self-worth. Zinhle mostly writes from her point of view and from her experiences as a child. She takes us through negative recollections like her family calling her lazy, and positive ones which include how her family reinforced the love for music through mini spring-cleaning playlists on Saturdays.

Mbanga always follows those chapters with her own anecdotes from her childhood, and early womanhood in the corporate space. What is especially intriguing is how her life-coaching background allows her to give bullet-point tips that encourage readers to engage with the writing. This is why it was important to the both of them to have space for readers to pen notes after each chapter.

“The only thing that came from our publisher, Tracey McDonald, is that they want to keep our individual voices so that people can hear the authenticity from each author.”

Zinhle adds: “We sat before each chapter to align our specific thoughts on a subject, and then we had key points that we went home to write about. There was nothing that we disagreed about, and we made sure we were on the same page about the themes.”

There were chapters that resonated with the authors. For Zinhle, it was the second-to-last chapter, Adversity.

“It’s something I’ve gone through, and it was recent,” she tells me. “Even after my experience, I see a lot of women go through what I went through and wish they could do some of the things I’ve done. And I’m not saying what I’ve done is tried and tested, but it worked for me.”

“The funny thing is Pearl (Thusi) and I were talking about heartbreak the other day, and we were saying, at 24 years old, you can get your heart broken, it’s understandable. But when you’re 30-something it’s like, where were you when you got your heart broken? Where did you leave it,” she laughs. “So, Adversity resonated the most.”


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