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Emtee Opens Up About Why He Fell On Stage

Pics! Cassper and Chris Martin

Emtee Opens Up About Why He Fell On Stage. After making headlines on various publications for giving fans poor performance even fallibg on stage on a musical event that took over the past weekend Emtee has finally opened up explaining what happened.


Speaking to ZAlebs, Emtee said: “I just fell, I don’t really know what made me fall, I just fell, and people around me came worried thinking that maybe something is wrong like no, I just fell and the show went on…

“I was probably tired or something but I wasn’t intoxicated with anything, it’s not a case of me being high or not, and if someone says I was high, drunk or whatever, how do they know that when they were not there?” He said.

Cassper Nyovest was amongst the celebrities that flooded social media weighing in on the video expressing how they feel sorry for him.

“These celebrities love me, the thing is they don’t know me, they wish they can chill with me, and I’m not about chilling with no one…I don’t have celebrity friends, my only celebrity friends are Sjava and Saudi…all those celebrities are just talking nje, they’re just riding this wave because all these celebrities know all the drugs, they know what’s going on, I don’t take no drugs, my pap would whoop my ass…”


Emtee went on to express the frustrations that the misconstrued video had caused him:


“Celebrities are just doing what they usually do, acting all goodie-two-shoes for nothing, for followers I guess. I’m bigger than a lot of celebrities too so that makes them mad as well…I can’t even move an inch now, everything I do is being watched with a hawk’s eye…”

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