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Mahoota & Vetkuk On The “Missing” Song They Made With Robbie Malinga

Mahoota supports Robbie Jnr on his actions

Mahoota & Vetkuk On The “Missing” Song They Made With Robbie Malinga. As well as most people are aware of Robbie Malinga’s work while he was still alive they all know that he worked well with the most musicians and left others still with the desire to work with him.

Other acts to have had the privileged to work with Malinga is the house music duo Vetkuk & Mahoota who made a song with him that randomly went missing long before it got to the ears of the public.They recorded the song with him before his death last year. They have had to record a similar song with Heavy K and Sjava.

During a visit on Trending SA the duo even spoke of how they are in support of Robbie Malinga’s son behaviour of flaunting the luxurious style.

“He is a boy. He is having fun. Let him be. Let him enjoy his life. Rob, my boy, rock on,” said Mahoota.

“At the end of the day, while you are growing up, you want to do stuff. Let him play,” added Vetkoek.

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