Mariechan On Being Called Ugly & Releasing Her Debut EP Cherry Blossom

Mariechan On her struggles as a woman both in music and in society.

Mariechan On Being Called Ugly & Releasing Her Debut EP Cherry Blossom. As a woman it’s inevitable to go through tjinhs that try their hardest to break you, what can only keep you way above your head is your confidence and courage to handle those situations, Mariechan who is famously known as the former Jamali member has gone solo in music and is making best of it. Speaking To TshisaLIVE publication she revealed some of those struggles.

“I always knew that i was talented and that maybe I was beautiful despite being told otherwise but people will only believe you as much as you believe yourself. And… I didn’t believe it until much later in my life,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Mariechan, who is about to launch her solo career added that re-defining herself has been a journey.

“As woman, you go through a whole lot of things in your life, mostly meant to break you. You have to find it in you to allow it to bend you but never to break you. Sometimes it takes long because it’s a journey, so this album is a story of how I found my blossom. It’s to say, I’ve gone through it but here I am.”


She told TshisaLIVE that the EP, called Cherry Blossom, was inspired by the cherry blossom tree in her grandmother’s backyard.


“The story of Cherry Blossom is one that dates back to some moments in my grandmother’s backyard. Where I come from straight sleek hair and being light skinned meant you were beautiful, and everything in between was almost there but never quite got there.


“My granny never used to let me put anything in my hair and I wasn’t as light enough, they called me ugly duckling. There tree was blossoming and one day I said to my gran, ‘I wish I was as pretty as these flowers.’ She said, ‘but baby, you are already beautiful and one day when you grow up and see it for yourself then you will blossom just like the that cherry blossom tree.”

Source : TshisaLIVE

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