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Moneoa Opens About Her Love Life

Moneoa's love songs inspired by her lover

Moneoa Opens About Her Love Life.Talented songtress and songwriter Moneoa is smitten and isn’t afraid to express it all ways she possibly can, one of those ways being through her music which alone proves that she has found the One for her.

During her J.R Session last year she spoke on one of her unreleased songs at the time titled –¬†Khuthi and she mentioned that the song was based on love, a new found love.She mentioned that she had been single for quite some time and that this new found love, has made her very happy.

“I’m in the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in in my life, and I was inspired to write about it.” She said during the live session, even admitted that she would love to have children but is waiting¬†for things to be done correctly.

“I definitely want children, but I want to have children when I’m married.”

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