Rebecca Malope’s Hairstyle Teaches Black Twitter Loyalty & Commitment

Ma Ribs hairdo has twitter talking

Rebecca Malope’s Hairstyle Teaches Black Twitter Loyalty & Commitment. To know  Rebecca Malope with her legendary hairdo you really don’t need to be a Gospel fan or a big fan of TV and magazines, you just need to be a South African. Currently the multi-ward winner had twitter talking during her debut appearance on Idols SA as a judge where she behaved in a way that just made people fall even so much deeper in love with her saying she is a funny lady.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE previously about her time on Idols, Rebecca said she wanted to be everyone’s favorite auntie and judge.

“I know what it is like being on a talent search competition. You think that others are better than you and the judges are going to shout at you. You end up worrying so much about everything that you don’t sing properly. I want to be that kind judge that encourages people to be comfortable and be themselves. When you are yourself, you show your real talent. That is why I want to make a difference.”

While others just admired watching her as a judge others were just amused at how committed and loyal she has been to her haircut which she has rocked for decades since she broke into industry back in the 80’s. The haircut is like her signature look and was said to have been an indication of commitment to manage to keep it up for so long.

Here’s what twitter had to say about the hairstyle :

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