S.A Musicians That Are Traditional Healers (Sangoma)

List of S.A stars that have had Ubizo

S.A Musicians That Are Traditional Healers (Sangoma). It does come as a shock when famous people announce that they also go through ancestry callings since it is usually expected to occur only on regular people, but as humans we all go through similar situations no matter the societal status.


To become a traditional healer one first go through a series of dreams where ancestors communicate with him or her which is called Ubizo. Ubizo then compels one to undergo a traditional practice called Ukuthwasa where other Sangomas teach one how to deal and work with being a Traditional Healer.


The artists listed below have revealed that they have gone through Ubizo, ukuthwasa and are now practising Traditional Healers.


Here’s a list of S.A Musicians That Are Traditional Healers (Sangoma) :

1.Letoya Makhene

2.Lerato Mvelase

3. Unathi

4.Buhle (The Soil)

5. Ngizwe Mchunu

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