Gospel Star Butho Vuthela Mourns The Loss Of 200 Of His Flock

Vuthela on how he lost his flock.

Gospel Star Butho Vuthela Mourns The Loss Of 200 Of His Flock. A number of cases of stolen domesticated animals has been reported lately which has raised concern from most farmers, to suffer this ordeal is Gospel Star Butho Vuthela who lost 200 of his flock from his Eastern Cape home.

Speaking to Sunday World, Vuthela said the incident hit him hard in the pocket but he was grateful his parents were unharmed.

“My parents have been left traumatised by the incident. I am just thankful the robbers didn’t harm them,” he said.

Vuthela said he ventured into farming on realising that artists were not earning enough from record sales because of piracy.

“Through selling some of these sheep I was able to support my family. As artists we don’t make much money these days. Now I don’t know how I am going to survive. I just hope the police can solve this stock-theft problem because most rural folks support their families through farming cattle and sheep.”

He suspects that the thieves went for his stock because they saw his elderly parents as easy targets for them.

“I stay in East London and I am always on the road because of my hectic schedule as an artist. I only visit the farm when time permits.”



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