Letta Mbulu’s Home Announced As New JHB Heritage Site

Letta recalls horrendous Apartheid experiences

Letta Mbulu’s Home Announced As New JHB Heritage Site. Legendary Jazz musicians Letta Mbulu’s home situated on Molahloe Street, Orlando East in Soweto which she grew up has been declared as the new Johannesburg Heritage site.

“It’s difficult to express myself because I’m not the only one who was involved in the struggle with the music I was doing. But I do feel honoured and humbled, I did not expect it,” said Letta.

She shared the house with her mom, aunt and brothers, who were constantly targeted by police under the apartheid law.

“We struggled under apartheid. My brothers were chased by the police for pass laws and pass books. The cops would come at 4am to kick the door looking for them.

“I lost my brother when I was 13. He was arrested and taken to Leeuwkop where he was shot at close range and died. When we tried to get his body, the authorities refused to release it, my mother had to get a lawyer.”

The star added how the home is close to her heart even with the horrendous apartheid experiences.

“It was a musical family, both my mother and aunt were into music and that kept us going. I also come from a neighbourhood that I have great respect for. There was camaraderie and the men and women held on to the spirit that every child is their child. Orlando is my heart. My umbilical cord is there, I will always be drawn to it.”


Source : TshisaLIVE

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