Mmatema Moremi On Taking Chances In Music

Mmatema on hosting Gospel Unplugged.

Mmatema Moremi On Taking Chances In Music. Idols S.A. runner up Mmatema Moremi has opened up about how she has been taking chances in music and winning her way to the top as a way to inspire other young artists. Having started music at a younger the star had always possessed passion for music and has revealed her first experience at exposing her talent.

“I was on stage with over five hundred people in the arena and I actually hijacked that performance, I was just there to sing acapella, then I heard a string for the first time, a band in my head for the first time and I was like, I’m not stopping. I sang a Brenda Fassie number and the eldest said: “She’s gonna make it, she gonna be a star, she’s gonna do this and that…” she said in a recent interview on Afternoon Express.

Moremi is an educated woman but her passion and talent for music took over from her and has even landed her a gig on new gospel show Gospel Unplugged.


“…I do have a degree but the calling just kept pushing me towards this destiny that I’m in but music has always been the first love for me and that’s why, even on Gospel Unplugged, they saw that she’s a singer and she can present so let’s put the two together…”

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