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Moneoa Responds To Claims That She Is “Irrelevant” And A “Has-Been”

Moneoa on her passion for music.

Moneoa Responds To Claims That She Is “Irrelevant” And A “Has-Been”. As a famous musician it is a fact that no matter what you do different people will have different things to say about you, Moneoa has too fallen victim to the hate speeches and bad advice.


The star listed four things that she hears all the time about herself that she can definitely do without!


• “You’re great but you’re under-rated.” • “You need to make your music more mainstream so you can be more relevant.”

• “You need to clean up your look and your Instagram page and post more.”

• “You need to hang around these types of people and go to these type of events.”

“I remember that God doesn’t sit in heaven concluding people’s character based on Instagram likes. He is the only blesser up there and his blessings are grace and mercy and that doesn’t always come in the form of money and accolades. Your entrance fee up there is of a different type of value. So my prerogative is to live my life here to qualify for a spot up there and I don’t know how to do that without being true to myself.”

Moneoa has also previously told TshisaLIVE that the pressures of fame resulted in her taking a two-year hiatus because she didn’t like who she was becoming.

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