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More Reasons Revealed Of ProKid’s Cause Of Death

Tributes continue to pour in for Pro Kid.

More Reasons Revealed Of ProKid’s Cause Of Death. South Africa has again woken up to the devastating news of the passing of it’s greatest Hip Hop star ProKid. The star died on Wednesday night on the 8th of August while he was visiting friends.


According to the statement released by family the star passed on at approximately 20:38 after suffering a severe seizure attack. Paramedics were called to assist him but failed to revive him.


Months ago Pro Kid spoke of how he was working on bouncing back into music and making the best of it. The star had been silent from the music scene but came back with a complain that S.A doesn’t appreciate veteran rappers.


“I’m one of the few pioneers in this industry and you cannot mention the genre without me and other guts like Brown Dash. My music will still do well,” said Rapper PRO.


Celebs and fans poured out their sadness of his passing :

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