Mshoza Explains Why She Forgives And Misses Husband Who Threatened To Kill Her

Mshoza Explains Why Kwaito isn't dead in S.A

A few months back Mshoza was the talk of the nation when she and husband Thuthukani went through a nasty break-up.

The Kwaito songstress opened up a lot of her experiences with Thuthukani who she claimed abused her emotionally and physically, she even added that he used to threaten her life by pointing a gun to her head. She also revealed that she found herself a new man who happens to be a detective. Fast forward a month later, Mshoza is admitting that she misses her husband and forgives him  for all the pain he had put her through.

“Emotionally I am in a space where I have forgiven him. Obviously as a person that I stayed with for three years, I can’t lie now and say I don’t miss him. I do and I pray for him. I pray that he will stop doing what he is doing. I don’t want to lie, I do check on him. I know that people will think I am hypocritical but I do check on him,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Shifting to her music the star also spoke of how she is still adamant on proving the relevance of Kwaito music in South Africa.

“Kwaito is not dead. A lot of people have left the genre but it is not dead. It is just the time for another genre to have the spotlight but it is not dead at all. People who think that are not paying attention. It is in our South African sound and in all the other genres. It can’t be dead because the Queen of Kwaito is still there,” she said, referring to herself.

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