Nduduzo Makathini On SA Failing To Acknowledge Artists That Die Poor

Makhathin on his spirituality.

Nduduzo Makathini On SA Failing To Acknowledge Artists That Die Poor. Award winning  Jazz artist Nduduzo Makhathi has expressed his concern on how South Africa fails to acknowledge certain artists which then leads to depression that leads to them dying poor.

 During an interview with SowetanLive the star listed factors that might lead to artist falling behind such as mismanagement, being cheated off their royalties, not being booked for gigs and various other factors.

Makhathini made reference to the late Mseleku who was a victim of the situation.

“He [Mseleku] had problems with a lot of things in South Africa and how the music industry did not really acknowledge his as a musician and a teacher but also as an individual. There’s only a few number of gigs that I could get when I was collecting my data… there were a couple of other gigs that Mseleku did in South Africa but they were not more than ten.”

He added on what how spirituality can be of assistance in such instances.

“So that poses a lot of questions with this idea of a home, what is a home, and one of the conclusions I came to is that perhaps we should think of a home as more of a spiritual construct as opposed to a physical notion.”  


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