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Rapper Blaklez Has Something To Say About Senzo Meyiwa’s Death

Blaklez is looking for answers.

Rapper Blaklez Has Something To Say About Senzo Meyiwa’s Death. Of all the murder cases unsolved the one of Senzo Meyiwa still is the one that has begged more attention from celebrities and South Africans who have been long demanding answers. Included in those people is rapper Blaklez who even made a song about it titled Who Killed Senzo.

“I have seen a lot of speculation on social media and we have to let the law take its course. On the song I am not talking about who was there that night or what not. We know nothing. I am using an incident that happened in real life to talk about the injustices that happen in society. The song is used to highlight issues. It is almost like I martyred Senzo.”

Blaklez said that in the same way that Senzo’s murder hasn’t been solved, the issues he raised about poverty, education and equal opportunities also haven’t been addressed.

“It was my way of speaking about issues. About black people not living well and not being in a situation where we want to be. The struggles we face. There were people who fought and died for certain ordeals and that was not realised. I can say I put all these issues on Senzo’s shoulders. The question of who killed Senzo is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no justice for people in this country, at least in the full sense of how we want it.”

Source: TshisaLIVE


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