SA Female Musicians Suspected To Have Slept Their Way To The Top

List of females who have been accused to have slept their way up

SA Female Musicians Suspected To Have Slept Their Way To The Top. It is a visible fact that worming a way into the entertainment indutry and keeping your position intact is rather hard, some are able to have smooth rides while others reach a point where they have to sacrifice themselves.

The list below is of female stars who most people are so convinced used their bodies to secure a spot in the entertainment industry.

Every one wants fame and money, some would go through lengths to get it which may have been the reason why most people suspected that some women give up the cookie in exchange of all that. Mind you, these were just speculations that rocked social media, it wasn’t proven and was denied by these women who felt they were being defamed by jealous people.

There have been however cases where women came forward to speak about how music producers and label owners often ask them for sex in exchange of making them blossom like stars.

Below is the list of celebrities who have been accused of sleeping their way to the top :




2.Babes Wodumo





Simphiwe Dana

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