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You Want To Get Into The Entertainment Industry? Lerato Mvelase Has Something For You

Lerato on the good and bad side of fame.

You Want To Get Into The Entertainment Industry? Lerato Mvelase Has Something For You. Most people are aware of how difficult It is to break the glass to make it into the entertainment industry, with the good side of fame and money it presents most young people are rooting for it. What these young people are unaware of is how life is inside that life of fame. Lerato Mvelase who have been in the industry for over 10 years has something to tell young people and it should sure help them know a bit more from someone who has a first hand experience.

“I have a lot of young women that ask how I made it into the business of entertainment. Well, I have a strong belief that before we are born, we are blessed with gifts. A gift that will make you happy, successful and will impact the world. I learnt and embraced my gift early on in life. Then I went on to study so as to harness and nurture my gift. Then, the universe went and did what was needed in order for my gift to grow and be shared with the world, fulfilling my purpose. I’ve been blessed to be working for so many years.” Said the actress in a recent interview on Instagram.

sharing some advice with her followers who might be looking to get into entertainment.

“But, it doesn’t come easy, as I am in a business of looks, who you know, losing your values, compromising those you love, haters, pretentious people and pressure to put on a facade of perfection, glitz and glamour. I am thankful that I have been blessed with a character that will not compromise itself for people, pleasures and things that don’t fulfil my purpose. This business is not for the faint at heart, as it tests the core of you and if you don’t know yourself, you will certainly fall for the falls sense of being. So, young lady, believe in your purpose and don’t let anyone tell you that they will make or break you, don’t lose yourself, work hard, don’t envy other people’s journeys, surround yourself with powerful,talented and positive women,gym,eat healthy ,pray and laugh a loooot (that keeps you young ) and try not to catch flu (cos that sucks)” she wrote.

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