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AKA Reveals More On His Break-Up With Bonang & How Is Happier Now

AKA runs a charity case now.

AKA Reveals More On His Break-Up With Bonang & How Is Happier Now. The end of AKA’s romance with Bonang shocked most people who were left wondering as to why they broke. None of the stars revealed reasons but a number of hints have been thrown around included shading each other in a way that only led to more speculations from fans. AKA has however opened up about the break-up during an interview with Drum publication.

“I understand there is curiosity, but I will not take people through why we broke up. I think that needs to stay between me and her. There is a respectability in not speaking about the small things and I don’t think it’s right to share everything.”

“I’ve never been happier than I am right now, and I owe some of this happiness to the break-up. I’m calmer now. I know my character, I know who I am, and I know what I have time and patience for.”

He believes he “invests too much in love” and the collapse of his relationship made him realise this. “I’ve always thrown everything I have into a relationship. I’m a relationship type, but for the first time I can say I’m in a relationship with myself.”

His healing began when it became apparent Bonang didn’t miss him. “I definitely missed her – I missed being with her and laughing with her and when I realised she didn’t miss me, I had to let go. She made me not miss her.”

He now has more time for himself, AKA says. “I had to experience the pain and get over the hurt. I went to the gym, I ate a lot of fish and expensive meals, I drank a lot of alcohol and partied a lot to try to get over the hurt and now I’m okay. “In fact, I’m doing just great.”

Source : DRUM

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