Dr Tumi Explains The Failure To Accommodate More Fans

Dr Tumi On His previous performances.

Dr Tumi Explains The Failure To Accommodate More Fans. As a loved and most followed musician Dr Tumi tries his hardest to accommodate more of his fans but each time he can’t due to the limited space he’s often set to perform at.

Event organiser and Dr Tumi’s brother, Mike Makweya, said ticket sales shot up in the last two days before the event took place.

“For that reason, I struggled to have enough chairs for all of you, I really did. If I was calculating how many tickets we were selling each day towards this show, there was no way I could predict that you will do what you have done.


“I want to apologise because I can’t have a seat for everybody in this place. I managed to get 5000 more chairs. They are stuck at the gate, the fire marshal refuses to let them come in now because the show has begun,” he said.
Dr Tumi was the only major act, performing for over three hours with his live band.

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