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Heavy K’s Fiancé Ntombi In A Process To Make It Big In Music

Ntombi as a vocalist.

Heavy K’s Fiancé Ntombi In A Process To Make It Big In Music. Following into the  footsteps of her husband Heavy K but only as a vocalist Ntombi is sprinkling some diamonds to her journey of going big in the music.

“I put in a lot of practice in it, and fortunately enough for me, I have a partner who is able to give me a lot of valuable advice”

The star has just released a new single Let Them Talk which was produced by hubby.

“The Let Them Talk single is Heavy K’s song. I was only featured in it, but the reason behind the song was because people had so much to say about our relationship.

“This song was mainly directed to the people who had a lot of negativity to say about us, because we realised that we can only control so much and what people say about us unfortunately we cannot control, so we will just let them talk,” she said.

Ntombi, who describes herself as hardworking, said she was still busy finishing her degree in business administration and runs the Womanhood Is A Calling initiative which aims at empowering women.



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