Ishmael On Fatherhood And Marriage

Ishmael talks about his daughter.

Ishmael On Fatherhood And Marriage. Legendary singer Ishmael is a father to a 23-year-old daughter, Thato Scwedu who he spoke about during an interview about his comeback on SundayWorld .


“I don’t think I’ve taught her anything, but she has learned a lot just by looking at my life. I haven’t sat her down and said this is rule number one. It’s more like when I do good, learn from that. I’ve never stayed with her. Me and her mom broke up when she was pregnant with her.”

On the subject of love, as he fast approaches 50, he says he doesn’t think he will ever get married.

“I’ve considered marriage in past relationships, but the more I grow up, the more I think I’m never going to get married,” he confesses.

“It just comes from watching married people around me and what they tell me. So everyday I’m less attracted to the idea of marriage. But I see myself being with one person for life, but not marriage”

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