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Kwesta On Failing To Run RapLyf Independently

Kwesta admits he would run RapLyf to dust

Kwesta On Failing To Run RapLyf Independently. Speaking to TshisaLIVE the star said he doesn’t have necessary skills to run a successful business or that when presented with business opportunities he would fail.


“I think that was an important decision and step on my part where I didn’t want to end up doing too much of the things that I think I know and I don’t know. Because I’d run RapLyf down the drain if I were to go like ‘I’ll do everything myself.’ I know I’m bad at it, I would run that thing down. So there are people who take care of that while I focus on the music.”

He further spoke about why he preferred to work with a team.

“It’s because of the team I work with mainly. I’ll be lying to you if I said I sit down and think of business moves because I don’t do that. But I know the team I surround myself with thinks of that and they’ll be like, ‘let’s go get this deal or let’s do this or what do you think of this.’ I’ll either say yes or no depending on how I feel about it.”

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