Lebo Sekgobela On How Poverty Humbled Her

Lebo on her success as a gospel

Lebo Sekgobela On How Poverty Humbled Her. Award winning gospel star Lebo Sekgobela is one of many successful artists who have a sad story to tell about poverty which inspired her to reach for the stars. Although the star is a great success, she is adamant that she will never forget where she comes and will never allow money to change her.

“I came from a very poor background, fame won’t change me. I have lived in a shack, I have lived in a mud house. I know how to eat pap and cabbage everyday and even that’s a luxury because on normal days I would have pap and fish oil that has salt for taste. How can I now after all that be changed by the fact that I could eat meat everyday if I wanted? It is a privilege but not something that is enough to make me treat people like less than they are.”

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