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Ntsika Ngxanga On Taking A Break From The Soil To Go Solo

Ntsika drops another single.

Ntsika Ngxanga On Taking A Break From The Soil To Go Solo. Ntsika Ngxanga who is well known as the lead singer of Acapella band The Soil has been hinting for a while now that he will be taking a break from the band to grow on his own. It seems the time has come seeing the number of good songs he has worked of late including an album he plans to release later this year.

“Working in a group you have two people to back you when the creativity runs out, now I’ll be all alone. I rely on myself to make it work and keep the creativity going.”

On his previous interviews Ntsika said he dreams and remembers the songs and write them down.

“In December I had a total of 12 songs that I had recorded because of my dreams.”

Ngxanga added that he took his dreams as a sign that he needed to pursue his solo music and will be releasing his debut single, Awundiva, featuring Vusi Nova on Friday.

“Even this single was given to me. I was at a rehearsal when I just started singing it to myself in an empty hall with my eyes closed,” he says.


Source : DRUM

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