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Robbie Malinga’s Son Responds To Claims That He’s Dating Skeem Saam’s ‘Rachel’

Robbie Malinga calls the accustions "shit"

The son of the late Robbie Malinga has came forward to clear the air on claims that he is romobatically invloved with Skeem Saam’ s actress with a character name Rachel. Recent reports claimed the two were spotted going to movies together and turned heads on their date.

To slam the claims Robbie Jnr shared a screenshot of the report with the caption: “What poo poo is disss?”

“What is this? You know in South Africa you learn something new about yourself every day. Yoh! I cannot. No ways. What is this thing about me dating Rachel Kanutu? Hey? What poo poo is this?”

Confused fans asked him why he was using the word “poo poo” in his defence, which led to the star posting a video on his Instagram Live explaining the term.

“Yoh! That is the new lingo guys. From now on when something is wrong you ask what poo poo? not what is happening? What poo poo is this?”

Malinga Jnr expressed that he was invloved with a girl that broke his heart earlier this year which led to a decision of focusing only on school than anything else.

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