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Lady Zamar On S.A Musicians Dominating Internationally

Lady Zamar On local artists going big.

Lady Zamar On S.A Musicians Dominating Internationally. Award winning songtress Lady Zamar speaks of how she feels South African musicians have dominated the international charts the way they have set the bar so high with their creativity and talent.

“I think we’ve got to a point where we can dominate international music. We are getting the exposure and more and more platforms to show our talent. We are being booked overseas and that is really exciting. In the last few years people are taking it more seriously.”

She added that there used to be a massive divide between artists playing in international markets and those who stayed local but said the gap was getting smaller.

“We are at the point where some artists can go. The crowd may not know who we are but our talent is undeniable. I mean we still need to cultivate the local music scene and get better but we are at that level and we need to start pushing to get our name out there.”

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