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Moneoa On How Chasing A Fancy Lifestyle Left Her Broke And With No Friends

Moneoa on hitting rock bottom.

Moneoa is by far one of a few public figures to admit that fame and money got the better of them, she admitted to have lost so much and was compelled to take a break from music. Speaking to Drum the star expressed how she used to spend money on anything she desired without thinking.

“Wow, I used to go on spending rampages. I used to go mad. I’d lose my mind in shops, clubs and restaurants. I used to be the girl in restaurants who’d say, ‘Guys, I’m making money now, I’ll pay’. I think that’s how I ruined my relationships with some of my friends because they got used to me being their blesser. Some of them expected me to pay for everything.”


Her friends even went back to her place where they fid as they pleased on her fridge.


“They had no regard for my home. They opened my fridge, went through my cupboards, and when everything was gone I was left to clean up the mess. They had no respect. They even messed up the beds and just left them like that.”


“I uncovered so many things about my life and myself during that hiatus.” Distinguishing between real and fake friends was the first benefit of it all.
“People started calling me less and no one wanted to invite me over and I started seeing people’s true colours.”

“I wasn’t making as much money as I was used to.”


Source: DRUM 

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