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Slikour On His Near Death Accident Experience

Slikour in crutches.

Slikour On His Near Death Accident Experience. Slikour almost broke all his bones when he fell brutally by the pavement during a jog that landed him in hospital and in crutches.

Speaking TshisaLIVE he said:

“I was going for a run at night and was stepping from the pavement onto the road. I thought my whole foot was off the pavement and on the road but it turns out half my toes were on the road and the back of my foot was on the pavement while I was trying to get on the tar. I felt my foot bend and a pain in my ankle area.”

The star managed to get medical help where doctors told him that if it had not been treated it could have been a lot worse. He now faces a recovery period of at least six weeks.

“I am on crutches for at least a month and a half. I’m able to move around with the crutches but I can’t drive so it makes it hard to do a lot of things.”



Source  : TshisaLIVE 

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