Thiwe Claims SA Female Musicians Are Too Egoistic To Collaborate

Thiwe on what SA lacks to form solidarity amongst musicians

Singer and Songwriter Thiwe has opened up about her musical experiences which involves requesting collaboration with othet females who she say often claimed to be too busy or unavailable.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE she said it was so difficult to get female musicians to work with her.


“It’s always been problematic to try and work with another female artist as a female artist. Because, if it were up to me, over the years, I probably would have had so many more collaborations with female artists. But women aren’t always open to collaborations.”


She expressed another hurdle she faces which is trying to ensure that everyone’s needs were catered for.


“The hardest thing was trying to make sure that everyone is happy. The thing with a compilation is that there are a lot of individuals involved in this and everyone has their own ideas. They feel very strongly about their positions. It was just one or two people that said, ‘you know what at the end of the day, and how this compilation sounds is up to you.'”

Source: TshisaLIVE 

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