Zola 7 Speaks Of Drugs & Being Broke

Zola 7 rants on the effects of fame & drugs

Legendary Kwaito star Zola 7 who has been away from the spotlight for some time spoke of how fame, drugs and money has ruined the lives of many celebrities.


The star opened up during an interview on Metro FM where he confirmed his previous official announcement of hosting new show on Moja Love ‘Hope With Zola’ set to debut on the 16th of October.

He expressed the negative impacts of fame on artists.

“Fame for me is something I associate with the fact that it can kill you. You can go in so deeply and go into a trance, next thing we are at your funeral.”


He also noted that some black artistes pick up bad habit when they become famous, habits never associated with them when they were broke.


“You can’t come and pick up habits that you didn’t know or have when you were broke. For example, the cocaine thing was a white problem I don’t know how we got tangled up in that or how it became black. Artists suffered because they picked up habits that they don’t know anything about.”

He further spoke on the fact of how drugs habit has affected the industry negatively.

“Because there was a time when people were performing for lines (drugs) down in Hillbrow and R2000. There are still these foolish promoters that call us today and they think they can get you for R10k because they got someone else for that much.”

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