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Chippa United Soccer Team On Plans To Sue Vusi Nova For As’phelelanga

Vusi Nova continues to respond claims of ‘theft.

Chippa United Soccer Team On Plans To Sue Vusi Nova For As’phelelanga. Afro soul star Vusi Nova is under fire for the song Asphelelanga which two different parties including soccer team Chippa United & Maskandi star Celazimnike are claiming to own.

Speaking DRUM Vusi Nova firyher clarified that the song isn’t owned by anyone.

“So first of all I haven’t stolen any song and I’ll tell you why I haven’t stolen any song because As’phelelang doesn’t belong to anyone, its public domain,” he said.

“So if you go to SAMRO you’ll see. I did my research even before I recorded the song – I mean this is a song I grew up listening to, it’s a song I grew up singing.”


He also responded to claims made by Chippa that he stole the song.

“So with Chippa United for example they say, they went to register the song – it’s a big lie. We did research its public domain so how did they all of a sudden register a public domain song as composers, as if the song is theirs… it doesn’t make sense,” he explained.

Source : DRUM

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