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Emtee On Fellow Industry Members : “n*ggas is full of sh*t”

Emtee vibes with whoever vibes with him.

It wouldn’t be a normal week in South Africa without Emtee’s rant & rave about people who take him for granted and how he plans to deal with them. This time around the star was in Ghana for one of his gigs where he expressed how some people from back home here in SA are full of “sh*t”.


“Back home, some n*ggas is full of sh*t but I’m used to it. My job is making music. The rest is just what it comes with. Been through a lot. I’m blessed beyond measure compared to three years ago. So f*ck them.”


He added that he decided who to respect and hang out with based on how he was treated.


“I f*ck with who f*ck with me. Niggas didn’t wanna let me in. Now that I’m here, they can’t stand it. I’m solid and got nothing to prove. On God. You see me coolin with those who got my back. The rest might even take my life so I stay away. Lately I enjoy my own company.”


He said that doesn’t really have any celeb friends but was held down by his fans.


“Maybe I’m not cool enough for some people but my supporters love me as I am. I know some rappers that don’t have what I have. Family to keep me down to earth, my supporters who motivate me and listen to what the f*ck I’m sayin on these songs, prayer and self knowledge.”

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