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Khanyi Mbau On Plans To Have Three More Children

Khanyi Opens p About Her Daughter.

Khanyi Mbau On Plans To Have Three More Children. Media personality Khanyi Mbau opened about her plans and desires to expand her family with long time lover Tebogo by adding 3 sons. The diva went on to speak about her daughter who wants so bad to follow in her dreams of being famous and glamorous.


“My daughter has it all planned out,” Khanyi said.


“She’ll say, ‘I want fans, mommy. They must scream my name’. That’s not me, that’s her own calling and she has chosen that.”

She added that she’ll never be able to protect her from all the bad publicity she may receive.

“I can’t protect her, I can give her the pros and cons. If she wants to get famous, she’s gonna get bad articles especially because she’s attached to me. The first few years of her career is gonna be based on me. If she decides when she’s twenty to bring me a man who’s fifty, my old story is gonna come back to haunt her like, ‘oh, so it runs in the family, that’s what they do’.”

Speaking about expanding her family she said her daughter & Tebogo’s are against having more siblings.

“Our older daughter is against it… Khanz is against it, for now. She loves being the baby, but we’d love to have three more, I think we’re a great combination, it communicates.”

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