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Lady Zamar Opens Up About Her Experience With Depression

Lady Zamar urges fans to speak up about Depression

Lady Zamar Opens Up About Her Experience With Depression. Songstress Lady Zamar is one of a few musicians who have gathered the strength to open up about her depression which almost took her life.

The star said she was treated for anxiety and mild depression in matric. She said she was teased by her peers and made fun of.

“It was one of the hardest times of my life because I was surrounded by negative people.

“They made me feel I wasn’t part of them and this made me even angrier,” she said.
But things changed when she gave her life to God.

“Praying helped me pull through.”



Speaking to Daily Sun Lady Zamar said:


“I want people to know about mental health and to be brave and speak out.


“The problem with us is that we don’t share our feelings with other people because we feel they will laugh at us.”


Source : DailySun

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