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LOL! Fana From Generations Leave Fans “Traumatized” By His Music

Dumi Mnqobi’s venture into the music world has fans begging Generations to take him back.

Fana From Generations Takes Up Music And Fans Are Left “Traumatized” By His Music. Dumi Mnqobi famously known as Bafana from popular soapie Generations: The Legacy has recently dropped a single titled Umsindo which is currently receiving a major negative feedback from people who feel they were being disrespected by Duma for dropping such a “traumatizing” song.

Hearing and seeing the music video by the actor, had tweeps pleading Generations to please resurrect his character since it has recently been axed through death.

Duma is hearing nothing of it, he’s convinced of his talent and that he made a good song that is soon to be followed by another one titled Imali. The man is the best definition of perseverance.

“Let’s keep it going. I’ll read all the comments in two months. Let’s keep talking about Imali!” he said.

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