Mlindo The Vocalist On Career-Threatening Frauds

Mlindo is concerned of people using his name to get money from promoters.

Mlindo The Vocalist On Career-Threatening Frauds. Rising star Mlindo The Vocalist has expressed his concerned about people who have been using his name pretending to be him and accepting bookings as a way to milk money from promoters.

Speaking to DailySun Mlindo said he had an official Facebook page with over 230 000 likes and the fake ones had over 130 000 likes collectively.


“I don’t know the people who opened the fake accounts. It’s very concerning because they are followed by thousands of fans. My fans should look out for those accounts and be careful.”

Ha added that he once received a call from Nigeria about a booking which he had apparently accepted on Facebook.

“I was so surprised, because the caller even told me the event organisers had deposited the money.
“I then realised this was a serious issue, but I do not know how to deal with it other than by warning my fans and event organisers to be careful.
“Some of these people approach girls and post lies about me looking for artists to promote. They then ask for money from my fans. I do not know why they are doing this.”

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