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Ntando Bangani Releases A Land Expropriation Song ‘Umhlaba Wami’

Ntando Sings his way into getting back the land.

Ntando Bangani Releases A Land Expropriation Song ‘Umhlaba Wami’. While many singers are hyped into dropping bangers with the aim of winning the title of Song Of The Year, Award winning afro pop star Ntando Bangani begs to differ and releases a single about land reform.

Umhlaba Wam capitalizes on the raging debate about land expropriation without compensation, speaking mainly about how the land should go back to it’s rightful owners.


“All I am saying in the song is that I want my belongings brought back to me. The government should not be quiet about this land issue because people will get angry and take it by force.” Said the Nguwe hitmaker speaking to Sunday World.

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