SA Musicians Who Gave Fans Reasons To Assume They Gay

Male musician who have been suspected to be Gay

SA Musicians Who Gave Fans Reasons To Assume They Gay. When you a public figure people expect to know almost everything about you and when you not giving them things to know and talk about they tend to draw assumptions or speculations that they grow to believe no matter how fabricated.

Usually when a male celebrity doesn’t or hasn’t introduced a woman to the nation as his own, people tend to think he’s probably on the DL (down-low). There also can be moments where some male celebrities act in a way that usually gay people would, and since people need something to make fun of and talk about they quickly rush into assumptions that the person is homosexual. At times they  don’t have to do anything, they just have to be handsome narcissists and people conclude that they gay.

Below is a list of male musicians who have to assume they gay :



Vusi Nova

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