Thami Shobede Shares Plans Of His Musical Career

Thami set to drop music video for Thenjiwe

Thami Shobede Shares Plans Of His Musical Career. Singer Thami has announced the news that he will soon be dropping visuals for his single Thenjiwe, also shared plans on his future in music.


“I can assure you that I have no plans of fading out or fading away. If anything, I am on the road trip to my next album that I have decided will only be released in 2020.”

“I plan on having activity around my brand all the time until I have my album out. I am all about presence and I don’t plan on falling under the pressure of just releasing album when there’s so much that can be done with existing music. I just know that I am not going anywhere. In ten years time I’ll still be here with timeless albums, even if it’s just three of them,” Thami said.

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