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Vusi Nova Accused Of Stealing Hit Single As’phelelanga

Vusi Nova Responds To Claims That He Stole Asphelelanga

Vusi Nova Accused Of Stealing Hit Single As’phelelanga. Afro Pop star Vusi Nova has been accused of stealing the hit single Asphelelanga by various people. The song is a lead single from his newly released album Manyan’nyan which reached a gold status.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the star said the claims were false and that the song was sung isn’t owned by anyone and that all he did was remix it up.

“Now, I have to deal with people popping up everywhere saying that I stole the song from them. Like today, I saw an article of some maskandi guy asking for credit. But really, ‘How is the song yours?’ We sang that song when we were kids, not just me in the Eastern Cape but also a stranger I don’t even know in Limpopo… I got a call from another paper today saying a certain soccer team is suing me for the song as well, saying they sang it first,” he said.

Asphelelanga is a popular chant usually sung at soccer matches to indicate an incomplete team. Nova turned that around and created a version to give tribute to some of South African fallen legends.

“What I have decided is that people must just do and say whatever makes them happy and I will deal with it when I’m directly affected. All I know is the song is public domain. For everyone to want to say, ‘Oh I own the song is ridiculous!'”


Source : TshisaLIVE 

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