Zethe As The New Voice Of Afro Jazz

Vdcm Nxt Lvl winner Zethe invests on music.

Zethe As The New Voice Of Afro Jazz. Vodacom Next Level winner Zethembiso Mdlentshe famously known as Zethe is the new face and voice that promises to occupy the Afro Jazz space with her dazzling presence of sensational peculiarity.


“I’m trying to get people to know me outside of Vodacom Next Level… It’d been nice for people to know me outside of the competition, and I’m so glad we’re getting to a year, so maybe we can move away from that.”


She added speaking to ZAlebz on what kind of genres she fuses in her music.

“I do Afro Jazz and it’s no secret that the public generally likes bubble-gum music like pop music, like commercial music… And for me to try and not lose myself… At the same time try and adapt with what’s going on.”

She said it was hard. “They would say that I’m off key.” It was so bad that they would even critic the way she looks.

“People said I’m too dark, and I’m just like ‘Oh, ok…’ But I’m glad that at the end it all just came together.”


Source:  ZAlebz 

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