Arthur’s Daughter Owami On Her Blossoming Career As An Artist

Owami Mafokate is following suit to his parents talents as a dancer and singer, and has just released a debut single and TV appearance showing off her D’Jing skills.

Owami’s big brother Arthur Jnr, a music producer and DJ guide her through her way into the music scene.

“I had been practising in my bedroom for a few weeks and then he came and told me about the chance to DJ on the show,” Owami told DRUM.

“I want to be a producer. I want to edit videos. I want to own a record label.” Added the 16-year old.

Arthur said all he wants from Owami is to embrace the three key elements of success.

“She must have discipline, hard work and perseverance, and that is not something that applies only to her career but to everything she does in life.”

She’s also ready for the fame.

“My dad has been preparing me and telling me what to expect, so I can handle it.”

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